Best books for entrepeneurs – read and grow

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Todays post is short and sweet! I really love reading, i´m a “speed-reader” myself and several books of this list are currently lying on my shelf, read or ready for the reading adventure…..:-)
 Which books are your personal favorites? Use the comments to tell us, which ones YOU recommend. I´d love to hear from you,
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Learn how to market online

No ideas for finding a nicheWhen starting out for the adventure

Learn How To Market Online

one of the biggest challenges is finding a profitabe niche. What to choose and what is working, can be an overwhelming decision for someone new to online marketing. So, here are some basics:

First, what the heck is a “niche”? A niche is a group of people/customers, who are interested in a specific topic. You don´t need to worry about your niche not being interesting enough, chances are, that with all the million users on the internet, there are other people looking for it.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a beginner, is to keep your niche too broad. Narrow it down to get in front of a hungry audience! For example, maybe you are interested in the weight loss niche, don´t go with this broad niche, there is far too much competition.

Search for something special, maybe weight loss after having a baby or weight loss for busy managers, fitness for elder people etc etc. You see the difference? The more you can narrow down your niche , the more specific the information will be for your readers and the more people will be YOUR audience.

You have to make your website stand out from others, so take your time, even if it´s 3 days to find your niche. You can ask friends, what they think is special about you and go from there, or you make a checklist of your talents.

There are 3 proven ways to come up with niche ideas:

1. Find something you´re passionate about. In this case you won´t get bored and are able to write posts, even when you hit a writers block.

2. Find something you´re an expert in. Knowledge is a great base of post ideas, there is no one who has the same experience and the same education as you.

3. Find something interesting you always wanted to learn and start from scratch. Take your readers with you on the journey to maybe learn to play the guitar, or how to plan your garden, learn how to cook delicious meals, make videos of every meal, especially the ones that are burned…:-) makes you human, people can identify with you.

You get the idea? Here is a video from Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate, showing his way to find a profitable niche (click on the pic) :

Finding a profitable niche

By now you should have an idea, what you want to promote, better what niche you´re diving in. Using the method of checking out google for affiliate programs is fine, but there are others you can check for products to promote.

First you have clickbank for digital products, commission junction, market health, amazon for physical products and many more. Look, if you can find at least 5 products to promote in your chosen niche and you´re fine.

Now you have chosen a niche and have an idea of what to promote it´s time to take the next steps. Do you want to set up a blog, need a domain name or a free website? In case all that are overwhelming decisions, which is quite normal, i highly recommend finding a place to learn and grow without being scammed.

THE place to learn how to market online in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate, here you will get all the information and help you need going further on this road. They have a 0 $ Starter Account, upgrading to premium is optional. Check out my review HERE!

If you have own ideas on finding a profitable niche, i would love to hear them…:-)..please feel free to leave a comment below, i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Love-Hate Relationship with social media?

social media thoughtsDo you have a love-hate relationship with social media? You´re not alone! Every coach in this industry tells you to get your account and your free business pages etc etc. Guess what? There is no such thing as FREE marketing. You are always paying, either with your money or your time. You just have to decide, which one is more precious to you.

For most people starting over it will be money, but the longer you stay in the game, the more time it will consume and all you want is more time. Time for your family, time to live the “laptop”-lifestyle. That was the reason why you started in the first time, wasn´t it? Money and time to spend it…

So, what can you do about it? First, don´t take everything so serious, there is much more in life than measuring your social media accounts…:-)…you have to find a balance, a work/life-balance.

Maybe you´ll enjoy this little video I´ve found for you:

So, that was the funny part…:-)

But now, seriously, how do you handle social media nowadays, especially for internet newbies?

You abolutely can´t be everywhere at the same time, so please just concentrate on one platform at a time. After you have mastered it      ( or decided not to use it for your strategies ), then and only THEN, you will start another one.

TIPS  to handle your love-hate relationship

Start with the one you know a little bit about. Every platform has its own rules and own so called flavour.

a – facebook

facebook people communtyOffers you generously private accounts and business pages without paying. It will take time to build up a fanbase, you can try to friend people and invite them, but when you overuse this strategy, facebook will block you as spam sooner or later ( this is called fb-jail ).

On facebook nowadays, there are more the thirty somethings and older, most of the kids or twens prefer other platforms, like tumblr, twitter or instagram. So you also have to decide, where your customers are, or better WHO they are.

Facebook won´t show your content to more then about 6 % -8 % of your friends and followers. They changed their rules in march 2014, now you will have to pay for reaching your audience. Even when you invest much time in conversations ( very time-consuming ), you won´t get the same reach, as when  handing over 30 $ to facebook.

It´s still a great way to drive traffic and build brands, but it will cost you some dough to make real revenue from it. If you see it as a marketingstrategy and learn the skills, it will work for you.

b. Twitter

twitter  birdNearly everyone is on twitter..almost no one is making any money from it directly.

Twittertraffic is the worst traffic, when it comes to social media. Everyone is tweeting about something immensly important..:-)…but nearly no one is reading it or worse, buying something.

There are millions of accounts and the tweets are changing in seconds in the timeline of people. When you want to work with twitter, you really should have a schedule and an instrument, like hootsuite or other services. Otherwise you will spend your days tweeting every hour and answering to other peoples tweets.

c. Pinterest

Power of Pinning
Power of Pinning

Pinterest is a bit like the new girl in town..:-)…everyone loves it and it´s still exciting to use.

When you have a woman-related niche, pinterest can be a great way to get traffic to your website….when you do it the right way.

You need some knowledge and maybe a training on that, just like Melanie Duncans´s Power of Pinning . This is a solid course for using pinterest for business, starting from scratch. Really useful and highly recommended.

There are some niches that don´t go with pinterest. Everything adult or sexual is not allowed, they will shut your account as soon as they realize it, and you are not allowed to make many comments under the pics. I´ve heard that you can do 3 comments a day, not more, and your are not allowed to follow more then 300 people a day.

And there are even more of it…:-)…as tumblr, linkedin, instagram etc. etc. BUT, you don´t have to be everywhere, believe me. There is no way to make a business online without at least one or two accounts on social media, there has to be a possibility to connect with you at some place….but not on all of them!

As always, using common sense is helpful.

1. You need some social media, so figure out which ones.

2. Start one account at a time, don´t get into every platform on the planet and fail at setting the accounts up properly, just because you´re so overwhelmed by it.

3. When you´ve mastered one art of conversation on one plattform, make your way into the next.

4. If you have, what you need for your business, connect your accounts. You can connect your fb-fanpages with an app called woobox with twitter and pinterest, so every post is shown on all three of them.

5. Set your alarm clock and special times for your social media activity, otherwise it will eat up your time.

So, that´s it for today, some of my personal thoughts about my love-hate relationship with social media. I would love to hear your stories, please feel free to leave a comment below!

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My personal experience with

In the last weeks I digged deep into fiverr to figure out if there is anything on this site, that can be useful for me and my readers or if it´s all crap.

fiverr comFirst of all, what the heck is fiverr ? It´s a site, a pool of people who will do something for you for as little as five bucks. The offers are ranging from graphics to traffic, from tweets to songs….:-)

I decided to cover different topics, relevant to me as a blog owner and as an affiliate marketer. My research started with:

A. Banner Advertising

After combing trough dozends of offers I found two blogs that offer banner advertising and gave the name of the website away. Just checking out the ranking at and I was good to go. Both websites were ranking under 2,000.000 …;-)..Sorry to disappoint you but the big blogs with the really good traffic are not announcing on fiverr! But it was ok with me, it was just a test. Both sellers have been doing a decent job, I got clicks, but ZERO conversions. BTW, you will always track your tests. Hm, that was nice, but not very satisfying.

B. Buying Traffic

For this topic I had to sacrifice a little time and effort in my search for an honest seller. Should be common sense not to go with the “I can send a million people to your website” claims, but maybe it´s better to say it again..:-)..But lucky enough, i found two offers i iked, both of them provided tracking of their own, one via google shortner and the other via bit.url. The traffic sources was not named in the one case, in the other it was detailled where the traffic would come from. Everything was delivered honestly, people are coming to the websites, some of them having a look around, but the same here: No conversions in any way.

C. Buying Tweets for advertising

I was playing around with twitter for a while, testing this and that, so I gave it a try. There are big, big accounts offering to tweet your message, I was really stunned. But to be honest, if you were a follower on twitter to someone who is posting everything and all, from Justin Bieber to weightloss, from fashion to gossip, how much would you care? Not a dime! And that was what happended to me. BUT, I tried a different method: I bought a tweet from someone with followers in my niche and it said: Just like it if you like it * my facebook fanpage. That was something that really worked! I got real followers I would never have met otherwise! This is definitly something I will do again.

D. Buying Facebook-Likes

The next and last try I gave something was simply buying facebook likes from someone who promised REAL FOLLOWERS. It was a short deal, I gave him the fanpage url and of it goes. The Likes were delivered honestly and more. After checking the likes, I could see, that most of the accounts were based in turkey, greece and asia, but all the accounts I took a look at, were real accounts, so what. I had more likes and the fanpage looked good. In the next days, 20-30 likes went away, but that was ok, because the seller had overdelivered so many.

Here are my conclusions:

You have to invest time and develop a method for yourself not to get ripped, but there are some things that really work. I won´t recommend the traffic buys and I don´t feel comfortable with the fake likes on the fanpage. BUT I will take the twitter-method again to get real followers on twitter and facebook, this worked really well for me and I had great conversations with this people.

You can also use fiverr to get a banner created or a video, the possibilities and ideas to make money are endless.

Just do yourself a favour: be careful and use your brain… helps in every situation!

As always, feel free to leave a comment, share your own experiences, I would be glad to chat with you about them.

your friend,


“Who likes Money” by D.C.Fawcett – my honest review

A little while ago I was introduced to a  program called ” Who likes money “. It sounded interesting, a way to get real likes on facebook fanpages and convert them into sales. As usual the introductional video was very impressiv….:-)…Screenshot (136)

So, let´s go into details:



Owner: D.C. Fawcett

Price: 49,- $

What do you get for your money?

Who like money tutorialsFirst there are a bunch of video trainings in the Software Tutorials (16 videos about the basics, the software and how to build a fb-fanpage) as well as in the Fast Start Trainings (13 videos from keyword research to content writing). As a bonus you will find a FB-Ad Bonus tutorial (6 videos about the Ad-platform and using the power editor).

All those tutorials are good quality and useful, especially for newbies. The FB-Ad videos are a little bit outdated for fb has changed its algorithms, but that´s happening all the time. Online marketing is a fast game.

The second part of the package is the more interesting one. D.C. Fawcett offers a software solution to extract fb-emails directly from fb via keyword search and then upload the data in your fb-fanpage to sent an invitation to this special fanpage.

To say it again: With that software you´ve got the possibility to get the data of every person who has a conversation about maybe Lady Gaga, set up a fanpage about Lady Gaga and invite all those people to your fanpage. After that you will monetize those contacts with special offers.

traffic-light-306388_150Hmm….that´s a great idea, BUT does it work? AND is it legal? From my point of view the answers to both of the questions are NO !!!

It violates the fb-spam rules heavily, facebook is not amused when peoples account data is extracted without permission and you will get your own account put down very fast.

As you know by now, I only do reviews about programs I know personally, so I tested the software and was not able to upload the extracted data. Maybe fb has done something against it….:-)…I wouldn´t blame them!

In this program you can upgrade to another software version and pay them for “Done for you campaigns”, that´s a big red flag too, just because you can´t control what somebody is doing in your name and on your account. You would have to rely completely on them.

So here are my personal thoughts about the “Who Likes Money” program by D.C. Fawcett:

The pros : Many video tutorials in good quality, an immediate refund from the money back guarantee…:-)

The cons: It´s NOT LEGAL and it didn´t work from the technical site of view.

Please stay away from it!

If you are interested in learning online marketing and want to take a look at a program that really works, that is legal and ethical, just read my WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW, this program is highly recommended and you can get a Starter account for free!

As always, if you have any questions or experiences with this program, feel free to leave a comment. I will be more than happy to chat with you and help in any way I can!

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How to create a clickable banner in wordpress

blog-327072_1280I´m not a techie person myself, so I shyed away from coding banners and all that stuff for a long time. But, to learn how to create a clickable banner in wordpress is absolutely easy.

So, here we go:

All you need is to upload the image you want to use into the media file of your blog/website. On the left side of you dashboard is a button called MEDIA, you go there and click ADD NEW. Then you upload the image as usual.

The next time you look at your library you should see a thumbnail of the image. When you open it (click it) it provides an image url. Grab this url, copy it and insert it in the html code below, where it says “image url here”.

The next thing to do, is to open the website you want the banner visitor to go on in another window. Here you will grab the url of the website, please copy it directly from the web, and put it in the html code where it says: “Url here”.

Now, you´re nearly good to go…:-)…just copy the new html code and paste it in a text bar of your widgets. Remember to save it on a separat sheet, so that you can do it again, maybe for another website.

This was fun, wasn´t it? No need to pay someone for that kind of stuff. Now you can create simple banner for advertising and your own sidebar on you own – You´re doing great !

In case you want to learn more of this, I recommend to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and to sign up for a free starter account.

<a href="url here"><img src="image url here"></a>

My 3 highest recommended blogs on selling online for today !

SupportHi, friends,

if you are like me, you´re searching the internet for information. And even if one can say, we´ve got an information overload these days, most of what we find is useless or false, which is even worse.

One of the biggest challenges in starting an online business is to manage the time you are investing in reading other blogs, watching tutorials and all that stuff.

That´s why I want to introduce you to three of my personal heros, the ones I got most from  when starting out.

So, let´s get started

This is a great article about mistakes and common beliefs people have about Affiliate Marketing. You will recognize his unique style and the honest approach:

Malan Darras: 10 Common Beliefs about Affiliate Marketing

Derek Halpern is the funny guy, always doing great videos. A clever young man with the right mixture of common sense and psychologic knowledge:

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers on the Perfect testimonials

I learned so much from him, I really appreciate Pat Flynn´s posts from Smart Passiv Income. After all that crap and all the fake gurus, there was this young man, who’s honest way of writing and answering questions so detailled, left me “flabbergasted”….:-)… I was completely stunned after I found his blog:

If you love podcasts and honest posts, Pat Flynn from Smart Passiv Income is your guy! Read more here: How to sell artwork online

So, that´s enough for today, you´ve got enough input I guess?

In case you are unsure what to do, or just love to get more input, please read my HONEST REVIEW on Wealthy Affiliate. All I can say is, you need a blueprint and/or a mentor in this business.

Is it easy to start ? Absolutely !

Is it easy to succeed ? Absolutely not !

always your friend,


BTW, if there are any questions, I would be more than happy to help….;-)…just leave a comment below !