How to use pinterest for business – helpful tools !

After the last post you should have created a business account on pinterest already, have some pinboards and some nice, funny and helpful pins. So, what to do next?

Screenshot (39)You want to create some awesome pins by yourself ? Great, just go to and create some! The sign up is free  and you can use different fonds, great tools, make collages etc. I really love it !

Screenshot (45)Another great tool, free to use is It´s a bit more of a graphic tool, a little bit more advanced!

Screenshot (42)


Another great way to create content for pinterest is can create great quotes, looking like written by typewriter or sticky notes. You can upload a pic of your own and lay a quote over it as well. Easy and fun to use !

Screenshot (43)Having something on your board that´s “top of the pops” is great, but where do I get those pins out of the several millions….:-)..? That´s quite simple. Go to , this site will show you the most repinned pins and you can see them on pinterest and pin to your board, when you like it. Great stuff, huh ?

After all the great free and helpful sites, here is another tip for business owners. Go to google and ask for “groupboards” on pinterest for your niche. You won´t find them just by searching on pinterest, so you have to do it that way. After you get to the right page, you can ask the admin of the groupboard for an invitation to it. In most of the cases they will look at your own boards and accept it. Now you are a member of a community of like-minded people and you can add pins to this groupboard. In many cases there are more then 1000 members (targeted viewers) who now are able to see your posts. Great way, as long as your pins are related to the board.

So, that´s enough for today, have fun and happy pinning !

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How to use pinterest for business ?

The question, how to use pinterest for business, is one of the core questions I´ve been asked most in the last weeks. And here comes the answer:Screenshot (33)


1. Create your business account

Go over to and create your account, if you already have a privat one, then please upgrade it. This will provide you with the stats of your profile and your pinboards, given by pinterest itself…..:-) Cool stuff ! You will need a nice header, a foto or a logo you can upload and a triggering description. Above, you can see a snapshot of my profile, or you can take a look at it here.

2. Create some “pinboards” and put pins on them

Depending on your interests and your chosen niche, you create nice titles of your pinboards and start pinning. How? Just go to the top left corner and put a keyword in the searchbar and within seconds, hundreds of boards with dazzling pics and ideas will come up. You don´t need to create them by yourself, in fact, more than 80 % of the pins are repinnend from someone, it´s not only allowed, it´s recommended, because it´s part of the game!

3. Build up followers

Once you´ve got 10-20 pins on each board, you want followers…:-)…because you will have at least one money-making board, maybe from an affiliate program, or a service you are promoting. BUT you will also need some only entertaining boards, joyful, interesting or funny, so people are drawn into them!

Now, you go to the search bar again, search for your niche, for example “diet”. You will seeScreenshot (34) three option: Pins, Pinboards and Pinners, you can search now. Go on Pinner. This will give you the pinners that pin about your chosen topic. All those pinners already HAVE followers! Awesome ! You open up a board with many followers, press on the button followers and pinterest is showing them to you. All you´ll have to do now, is to follow THEM. Many of them, not all, but a lot of people, will follow you back! That´s the easiest strategy to gain followers…..:-). But you´re only allowed to gain 300 followers a day, so be careful. Otherwise pinterest will bann you for a day or two.

4. Monetize

Pinterest is mostly used by women, so everything women like, converts very well……gifts for husbands and partners included..;-). When you want your pin to show up in the “gift” section, you will have to include a $ or € sign with the price directly after it. After you included that to the description of your pin, it will be added automatically to this section, if someone´s searching for that topic: Voilá !

Speaking of searching: Use hastags # !!! Just make a habit out of it.

There´s much more to it, but that´s enough to get you up and starting. Please don´t forget to add new pins all the time. Remember to put your website link in the descriptions, be funny and entertaining, but never too salesly, so pinterest is able to send you tons of free traffic! Yes, folks, this is FREE traffic, you don´t have to pay a dime for using pinterest at the moment – Awesome !

In case you want to take a look at some great, great pinboards, go and search for Melanie Duncan or BirchboxTV…they are gorgeous !

As always, feel free to ask questions, I´ll be more then happy to help you!

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Must read books of all times !

rise and improvement  conceptWhen you ask successful people, what they are doing, most of them will answer: READ ! Read as much as you can, learn from those, who know more than you, who have already achieved the goals you´ve set for yourself. Grow bigger, think different thoughts and get outside of you comfortzone.

Well, and WHAT shall I read? That´s where the confusion usually starts… There are so many books out there, which of them are worth the time and money? Which one is useful for me in my actual position? Every person is different, and has different wishes. But there are some criteria, most successful people have in common:

They´ve learned the rules of the game !

I won´t give you a list of books to buy and read, no no, we are talking about THE books, and i will show you ways to get them for free….:-)

1. – The one and only book by Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”, this is a must have and a must read. You can buy it for a few bucks, or you can go HERE and download it for free. In case you need another one of his books, go to good old buddy google and ask for a free pdf ! You will learn all the things those millionaires have in common, Mr. Hill interviewed for about 20 years! Great, great stuff !

2. – My personal favourite success/motivation book, written by Jack Canfield, is called “The Success Principles“. I really love it. You don´t just read it, but you will work with it and implement as many of his strategies in your life as possible…:-)…it´s amazing ! You can buy it, ot go to youtube and search for the audio book for free. You will have to live with the commercials in it, but, what the heck…;-)

3. – The third all time favourite is called “The Secret“, by Rhonda Byrne. Yes, yes i know…you don´t believe in that stuff and you won´t waste you time on it. But have you read it? No? Then you should give it a try. There is really a good bunch of truth in it…you just have to understand, that you don´t only need a wishing list and you are done. When you dig deeper, there are the golden nuggets from ancient times. I was so stunned….After that I watched the film again and it was a complete different task for me. I really could use it to shift my mindset in  the direction I needed !

If you haven´t seen the film yet, or want to watch Mr. Napoleon Hill himself reading from his books, need some audios from famous books, then just go to youtube, most of them you will find there for free…:-)…..for me as a book-loving-person, this is not enough, I bought, what i liked most, but that´s nothing you need to do.

Please tell me, what are your all time favourite books, when it comes to motivation and success? Feel free to leave a comment below, I will be more then happy to chat with you!

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Facebook Marketing News from Mari Smith !

Whenever you can, you should attend one of the free webinars of Mari Smith, the “queen” of facebook-marketing….:-)

Here´s a slideshow of the last one, great stuff, i hope you enjoy it:


She´s really knowing what to do on facebook, when it comes to marketing. Facebook has changed his algorithms, so now it´s a “pay-to-play” plan. But you have to be careful not losing your shirt in it. It´s time to be strategic….:-)
Would you mind telling me, what you think about her?
Leave a comment below, i will be more then happy to answer !
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Great tips from the experts of social media !

This is really great, a little ebook, a slideshow with quotes and thoughts of social media experts. Hope you enjoy it !


I would love to know your thoughts about that. Did you like it ?
Did you agree with it ? Tell me, leave a comment below…..:-)
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What do i need to start an online business ?

That´s THE question I´ve been asked most in the last weeks. So, I will try to give you an answer….:-)…there for sure is a recipe for online businesses. But some of the ingredients are not obvious..

But, let´s start:Einkaufswagen und Laptop

1. – You need to have the desire for it ! Very important ! You can make money in different ways, but you will have to work for it. The sooner you can say good-bye to all the “get-rich-quick-schemes”, the better !

2. -  Find a niche that you´re passionate about. In that niche, you can pick a product you want to promote, a product you feel comfortable with and know something about. You will write and talk a lot about it, so you better want to have fun with it.

3. – Do your market research. Use a keyword tool, find out how often the product/service is searched for in a month…..go to google and look at the numbers of sites, that are coming up. You can use free keywordtools or paid ones. When you are just starting I highly recommend using a free one to test, like Jaaxy.

4. – So, you´ve found out, that there is a market for your product? Great ! Now the next step is coming up. How do you want to promote your product? And how much will it cost? Jus to make this clear, you can start for almost free, but at some point of your online-career, you will have to invest money…..either in programs or in advertising….and your own education.

5. – Most people are deciding to start with a website or a blog, where they put infos about their product. It´s a great place to engage with future customers and network with other marketers. You can get a free website on siterubix, for example. Be careful when buying websites. This can be very confusing for new marketers, because you need both: The domain (usually paid yearly) and the hosting (usually paid monthly). In most cases it´s the hosting that´s the more expensive part. With siterubix you will get 2 websites AND the hosting for free – Great stuff !

6. – So, now we have a website and are off to choose a theme, that´s the layout of your site. This is very easy, at siterubix you will be guided through several options and can just click on whatever you like. In every other case, you will go to wordpress and look for one that fits your needs. BTW you can change themes at any point of your route, no harm done, it´s always possible.

7. – That´s where the work starts ! You will put content on your website/blog, DAILY ! The more value, the better. This will improve your rankings in the searchengines. Be patient, there is no such thing like an overnight success. Behind every single one of those storys, there are always weeks and months of hard, dedicated work.

So, that are the basics…..:-)…hope you enjoyed the recipe !

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As always, I will be more then happy to help, so feel free to ask everything !


Wealthy Affiliate – an honest review !

So, you came here to learn something about a program called “Wealthy Affiliate”? Maybe you´ve been ripped by internet scams or you´re quite a newbie and unsure what to do ?

That´s ok……:-)……

Let´s figure this out:

Wealthy Affiliate DashboardWhat is Wealthy Affiliate ?

1.-  An online education program, where you learn to build your own online business from scratch.

2.-  If you would like to, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate (sell the educational program) and get commissions from there…but you don´t need to, you can stay with your own products forever.

3.-  Costs: To create a Starter-Account you have to spend 0,- $. There is a way to upgrade to premium, in that case you will pay 47 $/mo, but it´s complete optional.

4. Starter-Account – What do I get for 0 $ ? Well, you will have access to the complete course of “Online Entrepeneur Certification” level 1 and you will be provided with all the infos you need to start and build a website. You can take part in 2 classrooms, you will find even more informations here. AND you will get 2 webites, subdomains of siterubix including hosting for free.

5. The Premium-Account has all the nice bonuses: You can get as many of the siterubix domains as you want. This is very important for landingpages…You can also host an unlimited number of domains of your own in WA, with no additional costs. There is an awesome keywordtool for the members, and last but not least, the great community !

6. As a Premium-Member you will have access to three more levels of the “Online Entrepeneur Course”, each with 10 great lessons on how to market, how to work online and what to avoid. And there are 6 more levels with 10 lessons each waiting for you in the Affiliate Bootcamp.

7. The owners of this program, Kyle and Carson, are available in the chat, whenever you have a question, somebody will be there to answer….this is awesome.

8. You can compare the benefits of a Starter Account and a Premium Account here:

Did I mention, that you will get 2 websites for building a business, even when you have just a starter account? That´s so great ! And as a premium member you can host ALL of your websites at Wealthy Affiliate, so you can get rid of the monthly fee for hosting company.

So, that was some of the data….:-)….and now, the personal side of it.

By the time I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I´ve been so scammed, that I didn´t trust anybody. So I started with the free account, I love things I don´t have to pay for…:-)

But you see, in most cases, the free account isn´t worth a dime! So I was absolutely stunned about the stuff I got here. I even thought they had made a mistake with my account. In less then 2 weeks I  completed the first level of the course and would have loved to go on.

But for some reason, I didn´t upgrade…..I tried to find a way around, searched for more information, mostly those that would tell me, it wasn´t worth the money….;-)
But I couldn´t find it.

Two weeks later, I upgraded and from there on I never looked back ! I completed the other courses and started the Affiliate Bootcamp, another training in WA (no extra costs), to learn how to promote WA. There has never been a program like that, not even for much more money ! Even today, i always find new trainings and ideas for me. You will see more of it on this site from time to time, it´s absolutely awesome !


Is it for everyone? Hell, no ! All “Get Rich Quick” people won´t be too happy here…:)…this program is for those of us….


If you resonate with such a community and all the opportunities raining down on you, get your Starter Account HERE and claim your free bonuses offered personally on top from me, when you´re upgrading during the first 7 days!

But do yourself a favour, don´t just go and register your account. Set it up properly, you will be walked through this easy process, and give a quick hello to an awesome and helpful community….:-)..use all the resources offered there.

I will be more than happy to meet you on the other site.

As always, feel free to ask and leave a comment, I will get back on you as soon as possible, I promise.

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To your success !



Some nice bells and whistles with social media…:-)

We will talk later on the different social media types, but there are some basics:Social-media-for-public-relations1reduzido

1. facebook ( Having a personal account and a fanpage, which is optional )

2. twitter ( can be connected with your facebook account, so you can publish on both platforms at one time )

3. pinterest ( a complete different one, with pins and boards, very viral when you use it in the right way )

4. google + ( everyone who has an online business, wants to rank on google. Well, google owns google+ and youtube so be wise….:-) )

In my opinion those are the most important ones, when it comes to social media for business. But every platform has its own rules and its own, let´s call it flavour…..:-)

Here´s a little info, on how social media works:

social mediaIt´s quite overwhelming at some point, isn´t it ?

So, we will break it down:

Your homework for today is creating an account on the social media platforms above. Just the 4 of them, leave everything else aside.

You will need fotos, and infos, write nice about you pages…….:-)…have fun with it !

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, i will be more than happy to help you! Janine

Oh, and BTW, in case you are interested in discussions, you can look at one HERE, where i asked something about facebook share buttons on wordpress….:-)…let´s take a look, what answers i got. !

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