5 great free picture sources to use !

pixabayToday I want to introduce you to some great free picture sources I´ve found for you. You see, when writing a blog or leading a website, you will always want to include some stunning photos (like this one above). It´s more appealing to the reader, makes the post/article pinnable and let´s you outsmart the competition.

BUT, there is one thing to remember: Usually you will have to pay for pictures, unless you are able to produce awesome pictures by yourself….you can´t just go and fetch what you like on the net and don´t care for the copyright, you will have the lawyers at your door sooner or later. So, be careful what you´re doing. Here we go:

pixabay1 – One of my all time favourites is Pixabay. You don´t need to pay for your images there, but you´ve got the ability to donate an amount of your choice to them. I did that tonight, just to honour their brilliant work.

http://picjumbo.com/2 – Another great free tool to try and use is Picjumbo. Free images are such a blessing for the author, no copyrights to obeye and no money to pay. This can sum up to an extraordinary amount, when you take a look at a month, having written a bunch of great posts with content and brilliant images.

Morguefile3 – Morguefile is the most common one, when you´re searching for free resources on the web, and it´s a good one to start. You will soon find out, that there are more and more appealing pics in the paid section, but that´s ok, it´s their business.

Gratisography4 – Another great tool I´ve found is gratisography . I never heard of them before i searched for awesome tools and I´m so happy to have discovered them…..-)

NewOldStock5 – The next tool is a little one for the vintage lovers between us, mostly in black and white, and completely free, it´s called NewOldStock. There are not so many pics, but it´s different from the other ones and therefore interesting.

So, that were the 5 great free sources I wanted to show you for today, but I´ve got two other little nuggets for you, my friends. Both of them require to subscribe to an email list, and then you will be sent free images via mail. One of them is LittleVisual, they will send you 7 free images every 7 days. The other one will send 10 free images every 10 days, it´s called JoinDeathToTheStockPhoto, they provide us with really great, great pics.

Hopefully you´ve gotten some interesting informations here, feel free to leave a comment and if there are any questions, just ask, I would love to help.

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New free training from John Assaraf !

John AssarafHe´s one of my personal heroes, a great teacher and very motivating speaker, especially concerning the topic of financial freedom.

He now has announced a new FREE training on saturday 12.4.2014, 3.00 pm (Eastern). It will be about 6 hours long and there are some very interesting speakers. For more information look HERE

And no, I´m not attached as an affiliate in any way to him or his training, I just love his work. John Assaraf, Jack Canfield and some other great speakers had a great influence on my life.

What are your teachers, motivators and helpers in life? I would love to discuss them with you….:-)…I´m so interested in this stuff !

As always, feel free to leave a comment or a question, I´m more than happy to help.

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How to use pinterest for business – the secret sauce

Hi folks! Here we are again,…finding out, how to use pinterest for your business. Someone recently has called it ” the holy grail ” of internet marketing, so you don´t want to miss it out, do you?

successTo have success with pinterest, you have to have a blueprint. We talked about the basics and the fun stuff in the last post   ( How to use pinterest for business – helpful tools ), here are some more advanced thoughts on it, the so called “secret sauce”.

You´ve got a business account, a great headline, an eye-catching photo, some boards and have started to get some followers. Do yourself a favour and don´t just follow other pinners. Take your time and look at their boards to find out, what they are about and just follow those who you are interested in.

Why? Simply because all of their new pins will appear in your newsfeed and there are for sure some topics you don´t care about….:-)

Here are some of the advanced tips:

edit pinWhenever you´ve created a stunning pic, you will want to connect it with your website, you will “code” it. Yes, I can see your face at the moment, but don´t be scared, it´s not that complicated. Here you can see, how it is done: Take that pin of yours and hover over the right top, go to edit. After that, insert your blog/website url in source and your done – You have coded your picture and every time, someone is clicking on the pin, not on the description beside, it will come to the source you´ve named.

Not everyday is the same, to save time, energy and pins go and prepare “secret boards” for later. You can post them, when time is short, or for seasoning topics, like christmas or maybe valentine gifts. You can publish whole boards or single pins, just like you need it. The advantage of this method is: You´re not going to be too distracted, work fast when needed and you can not only test different types of pins, but different times to pin.

pin of pinalertAfter setting up your stuff, you want to know, what´s working. Try a free account at Pinalert.com. It´s an awesome little software, that´s sending you an email everytime someone pins stuff to pinterest from your website. Now you can follow those people and thank them or comment on the pin. That´s cool ! BTW at the moment, they are changing their name and you can win a contest by entering your idea.

viraltagSo, as an advanced marketer, you really want to know your stats. Pinterest gives you some, but there are other ways and more detailed ones at Viraltag.com (former pingraphy). There is a free trial for 14 days, after that you should know, if you want it and need it.

So, last, but not least I´ve got another little nugget for you. In the last post I showed you where to create stunning pins for pinterest. Did you know, that infographics are even more popular?  You can make them by yourself, just fetch some interesting data and go to Piktochart.com . You can sign up for free and play around a while. If you fall in love with this tool, you can upgrade for pro, but it´s optional. This is wonderful and Ilove doing this stuff!

That´s for today. My friends, I hope you´ve found value here, feel free to leave a comment below, I will be more than happy to chat with you.

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