5 great free picture sources to use !

pixabayToday I want to introduce you to some great free picture sources I´ve found for you. You see, when writing a blog or leading a website, you will always want to include some stunning photos (like this one above). It´s more appealing to the reader, makes the post/article pinnable and let´s you outsmart the competition.

BUT, there is one thing to remember: Usually you will have to pay for pictures, unless you are able to produce awesome pictures by yourself….you can´t just go and fetch what you like on the net and don´t care for the copyright, you will have the lawyers at your door sooner or later. So, be careful what you´re doing. Here we go:

pixabay1 – One of my all time favourites is Pixabay. You don´t need to pay for your images there, but you´ve got the ability to donate an amount of your choice to them. I did that tonight, just to honour their brilliant work.

http://picjumbo.com/2 – Another great free tool to try and use is Picjumbo. Free images are such a blessing for the author, no copyrights to obeye and no money to pay. This can sum up to an extraordinary amount, when you take a look at a month, having written a bunch of great posts with content and brilliant images.

Morguefile3 – Morguefile is the most common one, when you´re searching for free resources on the web, and it´s a good one to start. You will soon find out, that there are more and more appealing pics in the paid section, but that´s ok, it´s their business.

Gratisography4 – Another great tool I´ve found is gratisography . I never heard of them before i searched for awesome tools and I´m so happy to have discovered them…..-)

NewOldStock5 – The next tool is a little one for the vintage lovers between us, mostly in black and white, and completely free, it´s called NewOldStock. There are not so many pics, but it´s different from the other ones and therefore interesting.

So, that were the 5 great free sources I wanted to show you for today, but I´ve got two other little nuggets for you, my friends. Both of them require to subscribe to an email list, and then you will be sent free images via mail. One of them is LittleVisual, they will send you 7 free images every 7 days. The other one will send 10 free images every 10 days, it´s called JoinDeathToTheStockPhoto, they provide us with really great, great pics.

Hopefully you´ve gotten some interesting informations here, feel free to leave a comment and if there are any questions, just ask, I would love to help.

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10 thoughts on “5 great free picture sources to use !”

    1. Hi, Cathy, thank you so much for the tip, looks great! I will test them these days….:-)…wishing you a wonderful week, I appreciate your tip.

  1. A very informative site with a catchy design . I have really enjoyed and bookmarked it . I would prefer that you have email marketing to get valuable knowledge from you.

    1. Thank you so much, Mohamed. Yes, i´m working on a newsletter as well as a giveaway…:-)…so, keep coming back, i would love to hear your opinion – Janine

    1. Thanks Annie…so glad you´ve found value here. I love finding this sites and share them with all of my readers. There is so much that can be done without investing money. In that way, when you are at the point that you have to invest a little amount, the money is there for it. Thanks for the compliment – Janine

    1. Thanks for the compliment….:-)….great that you found value here, if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask, i´ll be more than happy to help you – Janine

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