Free accounts – really ?

Making money with Clickbank :

One of the most important free accounts to make money with,  is an account at clickbank. What is clickbank?

Well, it´s one of the biggest marketplaces, when it comes to digital products, and it´s totally free to sign up with them as an affiliate. After signing up, you will take a look at the marketplace and look for a product, you want to promote and you will feel comfortable with.

But the first step is to find a niche to market in, something you´re really passionate with :

After that, you will do your homework….:-)…and find your niche, and your product. There are some rules to obeye, when it comes to choose a product and to build a platform for your product, so you can promote it in an efficient and honest way. Some are described in the following video:

It´s a kind of art, to grow your public…:-) the next videos you´ll find some tips, how to do so, and which resources there are to use:

And finaly, we can start tp promote our products. Just a hint, don´t skip step 2 and 3, just because you´re so hungry to make money….you´ll regret it. If you want to promote a product, you have to be strategic about it…:-)

So, now you´ve got a quick overview, what to do on clickbank and how to promote a product. I will add a little hint: stay away from the “money-making” products at clickbank. In my opinion, there are too many scams. Stay with a product, that is mass-compatible, a product you know people want and need, and mostly a product you can offer some help to your customer.

Just some thoughts from me personally about clickbank:

It´s a great place to start, but you won´t see money at once. Even if you sell many products from clickbank, they won´t pay you, before you haven´t reached the limit for paying out (usually $ 100), but this can go up to $ 1ooo. Your product has to be sold more than 5 times and has to be paid on at least two different payment options (like paypal, visa, master….i.e.) After all this is done, you´ll be paid twice per check and after that you are allowed to get a wire on your bankaccount. This is necessary to keep the complete thing legit.

The good news, that clickbank is existing since the 90´s and has paid out an immense amount of affiliate commissions, so everything is fine!

If you have further questions about promoting on clickbank, feel free to ask, leave a comment below, I will be more then happy to help you!

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