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Whenever you are working on the internet, there is one thing you always need: an awesome keyword tool ! There is no way around it. jaaxy_laptop_600x400You can use the free keyword planer from google, but i personally don´t like it, just because it´s not consumer friendly and for sure not newbie friendly. In my opinion the whole google section is a very advanced tool, i wouldn´t bother with it, when starting!

One of the best keyword tools, i´ve ever seen, is Jaaxy

You can sign up for free and stay free forever, no pushing or limited time. For that free account you get 30 searches for free. There is a way to upgrade to a pro or an enterprise account, these ones are paid by a monthly fee and complete optional.

But there is absolutely no need to invest money, when you are just getting your feet wet….:-)

You can try for free in the link below, if you want to sign up, there are 3 videos for you in the trainings section, to show you, how to use jaaxy and how valuable it can be for you business.

If you´ve got any question, or need help with some topic, feel free to ask, i will be more than happy to help….:-)

But now: have fun !

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