How to create a clickable banner in wordpress

blog-327072_1280I´m not a techie person myself, so I shyed away from coding banners and all that stuff for a long time. But, to learn how to create a clickable banner in wordpress is absolutely easy.

So, here we go:

All you need is to upload the image you want to use into the media file of your blog/website. On the left side of you dashboard is a button called MEDIA, you go there and click ADD NEW. Then you upload the image as usual.

The next time you look at your library you should see a thumbnail of the image. When you open it (click it) it provides an image url. Grab this url, copy it and insert it in the html code below, where it says “image url here”.

The next thing to do, is to open the website you want the banner visitor to go on in another window. Here you will grab the url of the website, please copy it directly from the web, and put it in the html code where it says: “Url here”.

Now, you´re nearly good to go…:-)…just copy the new html code and paste it in a text bar of your widgets. Remember to save it on a separat sheet, so that you can do it again, maybe for another website.

This was fun, wasn´t it? No need to pay someone for that kind of stuff. Now you can create simple banner for advertising and your own sidebar on you own – You´re doing great !

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<a href="url here"><img src="image url here"></a>

2 thoughts on “How to create a clickable banner in wordpress”

  1. I am honestly not trying to pick on you, but you can do it even simpler than that.

    Put your cursor on the line where you want the image and click the Add Media button, then click the Upload Files tab.

    Either click select files to find it on your computer, or just drag and drop the image on that page.

    It loads the image in your library, so all you need is to select the allignment (left, right or center) in the Link To box select Custom Url, pick the size to show it on your page and paste in the link you want clicks to go to.

    Press Insert into post and you are done.

    Isn’t that easier?

    1. Yes, Warren, that´s easier, but it doesn´t create a html code for the sidebar, especially when you want to advertise on other peoples blog….:-)…that´s all, but thanks for reading and for the comment – Janine

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