How to use pinterest for business ?

The question, how to use pinterest for business, is one of the core questions I´ve been asked most in the last weeks. And here comes the answer:Screenshot (33)


1. Create your business account

Go over to and create your account, if you already have a privat one, then please upgrade it. This will provide you with the stats of your profile and your pinboards, given by pinterest itself…..:-) Cool stuff ! You will need a nice header, a foto or a logo you can upload and a triggering description. Above, you can see a snapshot of my profile, or you can take a look at it here.

2. Create some “pinboards” and put pins on them

Depending on your interests and your chosen niche, you create nice titles of your pinboards and start pinning. How? Just go to the top left corner and put a keyword in the searchbar and within seconds, hundreds of boards with dazzling pics and ideas will come up. You don´t need to create them by yourself, in fact, more than 80 % of the pins are repinnend from someone, it´s not only allowed, it´s recommended, because it´s part of the game!

3. Build up followers

Once you´ve got 10-20 pins on each board, you want followers…:-)…because you will have at least one money-making board, maybe from an affiliate program, or a service you are promoting. BUT you will also need some only entertaining boards, joyful, interesting or funny, so people are drawn into them!

Now, you go to the search bar again, search for your niche, for example “diet”. You will seeScreenshot (34) three option: Pins, Pinboards and Pinners, you can search now. Go on Pinner. This will give you the pinners that pin about your chosen topic. All those pinners already HAVE followers! Awesome ! You open up a board with many followers, press on the button followers and pinterest is showing them to you. All you´ll have to do now, is to follow THEM. Many of them, not all, but a lot of people, will follow you back! That´s the easiest strategy to gain followers…..:-). But you´re only allowed to gain 300 followers a day, so be careful. Otherwise pinterest will bann you for a day or two.

4. Monetize

Pinterest is mostly used by women, so everything women like, converts very well……gifts for husbands and partners included..;-). When you want your pin to show up in the “gift” section, you will have to include a $ or € sign with the price directly after it. After you included that to the description of your pin, it will be added automatically to this section, if someone´s searching for that topic: Voilá !

Speaking of searching: Use hastags # !!! Just make a habit out of it.

There´s much more to it, but that´s enough to get you up and starting. Please don´t forget to add new pins all the time. Remember to put your website link in the descriptions, be funny and entertaining, but never too salesly, so pinterest is able to send you tons of free traffic! Yes, folks, this is FREE traffic, you don´t have to pay a dime for using pinterest at the moment – Awesome !

In case you want to take a look at some great, great pinboards, go and search for Melanie Duncan or BirchboxTV…they are gorgeous !

As always, feel free to ask questions, I´ll be more then happy to help you!

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