How to use pinterest for business – helpful tools !

After the last post you should have created a business account on pinterest already, have some pinboards and some nice, funny and helpful pins. So, what to do next?

Screenshot (39)You want to create some awesome pins by yourself ? Great, just go to and create some! The sign up is free  and you can use different fonds, great tools, make collages etc. I really love it !

Screenshot (45)Another great tool, free to use is It´s a bit more of a graphic tool, a little bit more advanced!

Screenshot (42)


Another great way to create content for pinterest is can create great quotes, looking like written by typewriter or sticky notes. You can upload a pic of your own and lay a quote over it as well. Easy and fun to use !

Screenshot (43)Having something on your board that´s “top of the pops” is great, but where do I get those pins out of the several millions….:-)..? That´s quite simple. Go to , this site will show you the most repinned pins and you can see them on pinterest and pin to your board, when you like it. Great stuff, huh ?

After all the great free and helpful sites, here is another tip for business owners. Go to google and ask for “groupboards” on pinterest for your niche. You won´t find them just by searching on pinterest, so you have to do it that way. After you get to the right page, you can ask the admin of the groupboard for an invitation to it. In most of the cases they will look at your own boards and accept it. Now you are a member of a community of like-minded people and you can add pins to this groupboard. In many cases there are more then 1000 members (targeted viewers) who now are able to see your posts. Great way, as long as your pins are related to the board.

So, that´s enough for today, have fun and happy pinning !

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