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Learn How To Market Online

one of the biggest challenges is finding a profitabe niche. What to choose and what is working, can be an overwhelming decision for someone new to online marketing. So, here are some basics:

First, what the heck is a “niche”? A niche is a group of people/customers, who are interested in a specific topic. You don´t need to worry about your niche not being interesting enough, chances are, that with all the million users on the internet, there are other people looking for it.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a beginner, is to keep your niche too broad. Narrow it down to get in front of a hungry audience! For example, maybe you are interested in the weight loss niche, don´t go with this broad niche, there is far too much competition.

Search for something special, maybe weight loss after having a baby or weight loss for busy managers, fitness for elder people etc etc. You see the difference? The more you can narrow down your niche , the more specific the information will be for your readers and the more people will be YOUR audience.

You have to make your website stand out from others, so take your time, even if it´s 3 days to find your niche. You can ask friends, what they think is special about you and go from there, or you make a checklist of your talents.

There are 3 proven ways to come up with niche ideas:

1. Find something you´re passionate about. In this case you won´t get bored and are able to write posts, even when you hit a writers block.

2. Find something you´re an expert in. Knowledge is a great base of post ideas, there is no one who has the same experience and the same education as you.

3. Find something interesting you always wanted to learn and start from scratch. Take your readers with you on the journey to maybe learn to play the guitar, or how to plan your garden, learn how to cook delicious meals, make videos of every meal, especially the ones that are burned…:-)..it makes you human, people can identify with you.

You get the idea? Here is a video from Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate, showing his way to find a profitable niche (click on the pic) :

Finding a profitable niche

By now you should have an idea, what you want to promote, better what niche you´re diving in. Using the method of checking out google for affiliate programs is fine, but there are others you can check for products to promote.

First you have clickbank for digital products, commission junction, market health, amazon for physical products and many more. Look, if you can find at least 5 products to promote in your chosen niche and you´re fine.

Now you have chosen a niche and have an idea of what to promote it´s time to take the next steps. Do you want to set up a blog, need a domain name or a free website? In case all that are overwhelming decisions, which is quite normal, i highly recommend finding a place to learn and grow without being scammed.

THE place to learn how to market online in my opinion is Wealthy Affiliate, here you will get all the information and help you need going further on this road. They have a 0 $ Starter Account, upgrading to premium is optional. Check out my review HERE!

If you have own ideas on finding a profitable niche, i would love to hear them…:-)..please feel free to leave a comment below, i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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6 thoughts on “Learn how to market online”

    1. Thank you so much, John, if you have any special questions, please just ask, i will be more than happy to help – Janine

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Darrell, you´re right, i´ve been through all i´m writing about. The purpose of this website is to help others to find their way through the online marketing djungel and avoid the mistakes i´ve made. I love helping people to find their way – Janine

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more especially on the proven steps for finding a niche as well as joining Wealthy Affiliate to “safely” put a plan into action. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much , Denise…yes, it´s an important topic. In my opinion it´s not enough just to look at the money opportunity, the best way to earn money is to help others and the money will follow…:-)

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