Must read books of all times !

rise and improvement  conceptWhen you ask successful people, what they are doing, most of them will answer: READ ! Read as much as you can, learn from those, who know more than you, who have already achieved the goals you´ve set for yourself. Grow bigger, think different thoughts and get outside of you comfortzone.

Well, and WHAT shall I read? That´s where the confusion usually starts… There are so many books out there, which of them are worth the time and money? Which one is useful for me in my actual position? Every person is different, and has different wishes. But there are some criteria, most successful people have in common:

They´ve learned the rules of the game !

I won´t give you a list of books to buy and read, no no, we are talking about THE books, and i will show you ways to get them for free….:-)

1. – The one and only book by Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”, this is a must have and a must read. You can buy it for a few bucks, or you can go HERE and download it for free. In case you need another one of his books, go to good old buddy google and ask for a free pdf ! You will learn all the things those millionaires have in common, Mr. Hill interviewed for about 20 years! Great, great stuff !

2. – My personal favourite success/motivation book, written by Jack Canfield, is called “The Success Principles“. I really love it. You don´t just read it, but you will work with it and implement as many of his strategies in your life as possible…:-)…it´s amazing ! You can buy it, ot go to youtube and search for the audio book for free. You will have to live with the commercials in it, but, what the heck…;-)

3. – The third all time favourite is called “The Secret“, by Rhonda Byrne. Yes, yes i know…you don´t believe in that stuff and you won´t waste you time on it. But have you read it? No? Then you should give it a try. There is really a good bunch of truth in it…you just have to understand, that you don´t only need a wishing list and you are done. When you dig deeper, there are the golden nuggets from ancient times. I was so stunned….After that I watched the film again and it was a complete different task for me. I really could use it to shift my mindset in  the direction I needed !

If you haven´t seen the film yet, or want to watch Mr. Napoleon Hill himself reading from his books, need some audios from famous books, then just go to youtube, most of them you will find there for free…:-)…..for me as a book-loving-person, this is not enough, I bought, what i liked most, but that´s nothing you need to do.

Please tell me, what are your all time favourite books, when it comes to motivation and success? Feel free to leave a comment below, I will be more then happy to chat with you!

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