My 3 highest recommended blogs on selling online for today !

SupportHi, friends,

if you are like me, you´re searching the internet for information. And even if one can say, we´ve got an information overload these days, most of what we find is useless or false, which is even worse.

One of the biggest challenges in starting an online business is to manage the time you are investing in reading other blogs, watching tutorials and all that stuff.

That´s why I want to introduce you to three of my personal heros, the ones I got most from  when starting out.

So, let´s get started

This is a great article about mistakes and common beliefs people have about Affiliate Marketing. You will recognize his unique style and the honest approach:

Malan Darras: 10 Common Beliefs about Affiliate Marketing

Derek Halpern is the funny guy, always doing great videos. A clever young man with the right mixture of common sense and psychologic knowledge:

Derek Halpern from Social Triggers on the Perfect testimonials

I learned so much from him, I really appreciate Pat Flynn´s posts from Smart Passiv Income. After all that crap and all the fake gurus, there was this young man, who’s honest way of writing and answering questions so detailled, left me “flabbergasted”….:-)… I was completely stunned after I found his blog:

If you love podcasts and honest posts, Pat Flynn from Smart Passiv Income is your guy! Read more here: How to sell artwork online

So, that´s enough for today, you´ve got enough input I guess?

In case you are unsure what to do, or just love to get more input, please read my HONEST REVIEW on Wealthy Affiliate. All I can say is, you need a blueprint and/or a mentor in this business.

Is it easy to start ? Absolutely !

Is it easy to succeed ? Absolutely not !

always your friend,


BTW, if there are any questions, I would be more than happy to help….;-)…just leave a comment below !


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