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In the last weeks I digged deep into fiverr to figure out if there is anything on this site, that can be useful for me and my readers or if it´s all crap.

fiverr comFirst of all, what the heck is fiverr ? It´s a site, a pool of people who will do something for you for as little as five bucks. The offers are ranging from graphics to traffic, from tweets to songs….:-)

I decided to cover different topics, relevant to me as a blog owner and as an affiliate marketer. My research started with:

A. Banner Advertising

After combing trough dozends of offers I found two blogs that offer banner advertising and gave the name of the website away. Just checking out the ranking at and I was good to go. Both websites were ranking under 2,000.000 …;-)..Sorry to disappoint you but the big blogs with the really good traffic are not announcing on fiverr! But it was ok with me, it was just a test. Both sellers have been doing a decent job, I got clicks, but ZERO conversions. BTW, you will always track your tests. Hm, that was nice, but not very satisfying.

B. Buying Traffic

For this topic I had to sacrifice a little time and effort in my search for an honest seller. Should be common sense not to go with the “I can send a million people to your website” claims, but maybe it´s better to say it again..:-)..But lucky enough, i found two offers i iked, both of them provided tracking of their own, one via google shortner and the other via bit.url. The traffic sources was not named in the one case, in the other it was detailled where the traffic would come from. Everything was delivered honestly, people are coming to the websites, some of them having a look around, but the same here: No conversions in any way.

C. Buying Tweets for advertising

I was playing around with twitter for a while, testing this and that, so I gave it a try. There are big, big accounts offering to tweet your message, I was really stunned. But to be honest, if you were a follower on twitter to someone who is posting everything and all, from Justin Bieber to weightloss, from fashion to gossip, how much would you care? Not a dime! And that was what happended to me. BUT, I tried a different method: I bought a tweet from someone with followers in my niche and it said: Just like it if you like it * my facebook fanpage. That was something that really worked! I got real followers I would never have met otherwise! This is definitly something I will do again.

D. Buying Facebook-Likes

The next and last try I gave something was simply buying facebook likes from someone who promised REAL FOLLOWERS. It was a short deal, I gave him the fanpage url and of it goes. The Likes were delivered honestly and more. After checking the likes, I could see, that most of the accounts were based in turkey, greece and asia, but all the accounts I took a look at, were real accounts, so what. I had more likes and the fanpage looked good. In the next days, 20-30 likes went away, but that was ok, because the seller had overdelivered so many.

Here are my conclusions:

You have to invest time and develop a method for yourself not to get ripped, but there are some things that really work. I won´t recommend the traffic buys and I don´t feel comfortable with the fake likes on the fanpage. BUT I will take the twitter-method again to get real followers on twitter and facebook, this worked really well for me and I had great conversations with this people.

You can also use fiverr to get a banner created or a video, the possibilities and ideas to make money are endless.

Just do yourself a favour: be careful and use your brain… helps in every situation!

As always, feel free to leave a comment, share your own experiences, I would be glad to chat with you about them.

your friend,


6 thoughts on “My personal experience with”

  1. Thank you for the overview of Fiverr. I have often wondered if these promises of getting traffic via FB or Twitter were honest. Good to know about the niche targeted Twitter gig. I’m appreciative that you did some testing and told us about it.

    1. Hi, Kary, i´m happy, when i´m able to help someone…and i love experiences..;-)…so just come back from time to time and look for what´s new -Janine

  2. Good post about fiverr. From my experience 98% of all getting traffic, submission services, and solo ads are a complete waste of time and money. However, there are some decent graphic gigs if you are looking for banners, Logos, or any type of graphic design.

    The thing I don’t like about fiverr are the numerous offers such as another 5 bucks for 24 hrs turnaround time, etc…


    1. Thanks for sharing you experience, David. That´s what happened to many people, they wasted time and money. But you have to make your way through all the possibilities out there, and this is one. I never ordered a graphic gig, but i heard from several people, that this is great on fiverr. Thanks for the comment, have a wonderful day – Janine

    1. Amy, that´s wonderful! And thanks for the compliment..:-)…as always, one has to look deeper to find the nuggets – greetings Janine

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