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The Power of Pinning from Melanie Duncan

Power of Pinning
Power of Pinning





What is it? Well, first of all, it´s an instrument to master pinterest and its great opportunities for businesses, small or big ones, to drive traffic to their websites.

Owner: Melanie and Devin Duncan

Melanie is a successfull owner of several businesses, including Luxury Monograms and The Entrepreneuress Academy. Both of the businesses are found on the web and on pinterest.

Website: www.powerofpinning.com

So, what do you get, when buying this training? There will be 7 Modules with several videos about how to use pinterest and how to get the most traffic out of it.

Modul 1 : Pinterest 101 – The basics of creating a business account, pinning, getting followers etc. , 9 videos to build a strong base for your business.

Modul 2 : Why your business should be on pinterest – An overview in 6 videos on different aspects of this topic. It comes with a downloadable workbook and an ebook “SEO and pinterest”. Great stuff…..:-)

Modul 3 : How to create successful pins – here you will find tips and resources for creating pins, tips and tricks on how to make them outstanding. In this 8 videos Melanie gives away her personal tools. To keep you on track, you will find another workbook here in thes section.

Modul 4 : Case studies, how other businesses use pinterest – You will find many ways of using pinterest you will never have thought of otherwise, this includes a deep insight in Melanie´s own 2 companies in 5 videos and a workbook.

Modul 5 : How to build the value of your brand on pinterest – Here you will get 6 videos full of value and on top Melanies tips on getting royalty free images. As usual you can download your workbook for grabbing ideas and developing strategies.

Modul 6 : How to get lots of followers fast – THIS is what everybody wants to know! In 6 videos Melanie gives away the secrets of building a big follower base and connecting with other social media platforms. Probably there is also a workbook on this modul…:-)

Modul 7 : Measuring your results – Pinterest provides business accounts with a lost of stats, very different from facebook and google analytics. This are 2 very, very important videos, because if you are not able to measure your results, how will you know what´s working?

In adition to all these videos and workbooks, they are giving away a facebook and pinterest report, full of little helpful nuggets.

That are 7 modules, with 42 videos, 6 workbooks, 1 ebook and a bonus report for you to learn how to master pinterest, the 4th greatest traffic generator of all our social media and still growing.

The costs of the training : 297 $

Is this training for everyone? Surely not! If you are already leading a big and successfull pinterest account, making lots of money, then this maybe isn’t for you. For those amongst us, who are either just starting out or are just having privat experiences with pinterest, having started a business account, but are stuck, for all those people I highly recommend the POWER OF PINNING .

Maybe you would like to watch a free webinar with Melanie Duncan about pinterest and the power of pinning? Than click here on WEBINAR !

To close this topic, here is my rating for the Power of Pinning: 9 of 10 stars….it´s a very good training coming from a person who really knows the game!

As always, feel free to leave  comment, I will be more than happy to help,

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    1. Mark, you will absolutely love it…:-)…please just ask, when i can help with more info, i will be more than happy to do so. Janine

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