Wealthy Affiliate – an honest review !

So, you came here to learn something about a program called “Wealthy Affiliate”? Maybe you´ve been ripped by internet scams or you´re quite a newbie and unsure what to do ?

That´s ok……:-)……

Let´s figure this out:

Wealthy Affiliate DashboardWhat is Wealthy Affiliate ?

1.-  An online education program, where you learn to build your own online business from scratch.

2.-  If you would like to, you can promote Wealthy Affiliate (sell the educational program) and get commissions from there…but you don´t need to, you can stay with your own products forever.

3.-  Costs: To create a Starter-Account you have to spend 0,- $. There is a way to upgrade to premium, in that case you will pay 47 $/mo, but it´s complete optional.

4. Starter-Account – What do I get for 0 $ ? Well, you will have access to the complete course of “Online Entrepeneur Certification” level 1 and you will be provided with all the infos you need to start and build a website. You can take part in 2 classrooms, you will find even more informations here. AND you will get 2 webites, subdomains of siterubix including hosting for free.

5. The Premium-Account has all the nice bonuses: You can get as many of the siterubix domains as you want. This is very important for landingpages…You can also host an unlimited number of domains of your own in WA, with no additional costs. There is an awesome keywordtool for the members, and last but not least, the great community !

6. As a Premium-Member you will have access to three more levels of the “Online Entrepeneur Course”, each with 10 great lessons on how to market, how to work online and what to avoid. And there are 6 more levels with 10 lessons each waiting for you in the Affiliate Bootcamp.

7. The owners of this program, Kyle and Carson, are available in the chat, whenever you have a question, somebody will be there to answer….this is awesome.

8. You can compare the benefits of a Starter Account and a Premium Account here:

Did I mention, that you will get 2 websites for building a business, even when you have just a starter account? That´s so great ! And as a premium member you can host ALL of your websites at Wealthy Affiliate, so you can get rid of the monthly fee for hosting company.


So, that was some of the data….:-)….and now, the personal side of it.

By the time I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I´ve been so scammed, that I didn´t trust anybody. So I started with the free account, I love things I don´t have to pay for…:-)

But you see, in most cases, the free account isn´t worth a dime! So I was absolutely stunned about the stuff I got here. I even thought they had made a mistake with my account. In less then 2 weeks I  completed the first level of the course and would have loved to go on.

But for some reason, I didn´t upgrade…..I tried to find a way around, searched for more information, mostly those that would tell me, it wasn´t worth the money….;-)
But I couldn´t find it.

Two weeks later, I upgraded and from there on I never looked back ! I completed the other courses and started the Affiliate Bootcamp, another training in WA (no extra costs), to learn how to promote WA. There has never been a program like that, not even for much more money ! Even today, i always find new trainings and ideas for me. You will see more of it on this site from time to time, it´s absolutely awesome !


Is it for everyone? Hell, no ! All “Get Rich Quick” people won´t be too happy here…:)…this program is for those of us….


If you resonate with such a community and all the opportunities raining down on you, get your Starter Account HERE and claim your free bonuses offered personally on top from me, when you´re upgrading during the first 7 days!

But do yourself a favour, don´t just go and register your account. Set it up properly, you will be walked through this easy process, and give a quick hello to an awesome and helpful community….:-)..use all the resources offered there.

I will be more than happy to meet you on the other site.

As always, feel free to ask and leave a comment, I will get back on you as soon as possible, I promise.

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To your success !



2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate – an honest review !”

  1. Hi Janine, I love your review. I am a member of WA myself and have been for a long time. All I can say is that it gets better the more you get into it. I have joined all kinds of things in the past but this is the only one I have kept. It is totally worth it.

    1. Thank you so so much ! I really appreciate that…..yes, WA is much more then a great learning curve, but a great, helpful community ! Like every good relationship it´s getting better and better…:-)

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