What do i need to start an online business ?

That´s THE question I´ve been asked most in the last weeks. So, I will try to give you an answer….:-)…there for sure is a recipe for online businesses. But some of the ingredients are not obvious..

But, let´s start:Einkaufswagen und Laptop

1. – You need to have the desire for it ! Very important ! You can make money in different ways, but you will have to work for it. The sooner you can say good-bye to all the “get-rich-quick-schemes”, the better !

2. -  Find a niche that you´re passionate about. In that niche, you can pick a product you want to promote, a product you feel comfortable with and know something about. You will write and talk a lot about it, so you better want to have fun with it.

3. – Do your market research. Use a keyword tool, find out how often the product/service is searched for in a month…..go to google and look at the numbers of sites, that are coming up. You can use free keywordtools or paid ones. When you are just starting I highly recommend using a free one to test, like Jaaxy.

4. – So, you´ve found out, that there is a market for your product? Great ! Now the next step is coming up. How do you want to promote your product? And how much will it cost? Jus to make this clear, you can start for almost free, but at some point of your online-career, you will have to invest money…..either in programs or in advertising….and your own education.

5. – Most people are deciding to start with a website or a blog, where they put infos about their product. It´s a great place to engage with future customers and network with other marketers. You can get a free website on siterubix, for example. Be careful when buying websites. This can be very confusing for new marketers, because you need both: The domain (usually paid yearly) and the hosting (usually paid monthly). In most cases it´s the hosting that´s the more expensive part. With siterubix you will get 2 websites AND the hosting for free – Great stuff !

6. – So, now we have a website and are off to choose a theme, that´s the layout of your site. This is very easy, at siterubix you will be guided through several options and can just click on whatever you like. In every other case, you will go to wordpress and look for one that fits your needs. BTW you can change themes at any point of your route, no harm done, it´s always possible.

7. – That´s where the work starts ! You will put content on your website/blog, DAILY ! The more value, the better. This will improve your rankings in the searchengines. Be patient, there is no such thing like an overnight success. Behind every single one of those storys, there are always weeks and months of hard, dedicated work.

So, that are the basics…..:-)…hope you enjoyed the recipe !

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As always, I will be more then happy to help, so feel free to ask everything !


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