“Who likes Money” by D.C.Fawcett – my honest review

A little while ago I was introduced to a  program called ” Who likes money “. It sounded interesting, a way to get real likes on facebook fanpages and convert them into sales. As usual the introductional video was very impressiv….:-)…Screenshot (136)

So, let´s go into details:

Website: www.who-likes-money.com

Memberwebsite: www.wlmaccess.com

Owner: D.C. Fawcett

Price: 49,- $

What do you get for your money?

Who like money tutorialsFirst there are a bunch of video trainings in the Software Tutorials (16 videos about the basics, the software and how to build a fb-fanpage) as well as in the Fast Start Trainings (13 videos from keyword research to content writing). As a bonus you will find a FB-Ad Bonus tutorial (6 videos about the Ad-platform and using the power editor).

All those tutorials are good quality and useful, especially for newbies. The FB-Ad videos are a little bit outdated for fb has changed its algorithms, but that´s happening all the time. Online marketing is a fast game.

The second part of the package is the more interesting one. D.C. Fawcett offers a software solution to extract fb-emails directly from fb via keyword search and then upload the data in your fb-fanpage to sent an invitation to this special fanpage.

To say it again: With that software you´ve got the possibility to get the data of every person who has a conversation about maybe Lady Gaga, set up a fanpage about Lady Gaga and invite all those people to your fanpage. After that you will monetize those contacts with special offers.

traffic-light-306388_150Hmm….that´s a great idea, BUT does it work? AND is it legal? From my point of view the answers to both of the questions are NO !!!

It violates the fb-spam rules heavily, facebook is not amused when peoples account data is extracted without permission and you will get your own account put down very fast.

As you know by now, I only do reviews about programs I know personally, so I tested the software and was not able to upload the extracted data. Maybe fb has done something against it….:-)…I wouldn´t blame them!

In this program you can upgrade to another software version and pay them for “Done for you campaigns”, that´s a big red flag too, just because you can´t control what somebody is doing in your name and on your account. You would have to rely completely on them.

So here are my personal thoughts about the “Who Likes Money” program by D.C. Fawcett:

The pros : Many video tutorials in good quality, an immediate refund from the money back guarantee…:-)

The cons: It´s NOT LEGAL and it didn´t work from the technical site of view.

Please stay away from it!

If you are interested in learning online marketing and want to take a look at a program that really works, that is legal and ethical, just read my WEALTHY AFFILIATE REVIEW, this program is highly recommended and you can get a Starter account for free!

As always, if you have any questions or experiences with this program, feel free to leave a comment. I will be more than happy to chat with you and help in any way I can!

your friend,





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    1. Thank you so much, it´s always encouraging when someone is finding value here! Wishing you a wonderful day – Janine

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